Instagram real and CMS collection

Hi, I have a book platform for which I do real instagram to tease these books. I’m trying to integrate the real instagram associate on each book page through the CMS with the URL. I only find ways to integrate all feeds but nothing for a specific real. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

  1. In your CMS add a field for the reel.

  2. Go to Instagram in a browser. Click the three dots at the top and click embed. Copy that code.

  3. On your CMS template page, add an embed element. Paste the code into the embed. In the code is a link. Remove the link and replace with your CMS field.

You can then tweak the embed code if you wish to change the styling, and then only need to paste the permalink url of the reel into a field in your CMS for consistent styling.

Alternatively, use a Rich Text Field in your CMS and you can add an embed into your RTF each time and copy and paste the full embed code.