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New cms item - instagram feed + hashtag

Hi, I’m going to design a website super simple but with a big problem.
the customer would like every new image posted in Instagram with a particular hashtag create a new live collection item. I tried using zapier but I failed. how can I do? I can not use paid plugins and I would like to be able to do it with different hashtags for different Collection. If I solve this problem the site is complete, because 2 page shows only rich text with the instagram img feed in parallax background and the last are a project collection made directly in Webflow.
Sorry for my English and thx in advance.

So Instagram is changing their policies but you can read more about that here:

It has all the informations you need!

Here is a simple instagram feed that I made that you can clone.

You can simply style it with CSS the way you’d like. If you want to call certain photos based on hashtags then I would suggest referring to the link above.

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Many thx J_
now come the difficult part for a pure designer like me.
But i can try.

It can seem difficult if you overthink it. But the documentation tries to lay it out pretty simply! I will have a cloneable project pretty soon that you can duplicate and build off of.