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Social Block - to delete or can I hide?


Above each footer there is a social block built into the template. I do not need this.
Looks like it’s set up as a symbol - though it is a container with interactions as they fade in when you mouseOver each icon. Is it best to right click & delete? Or is there a way to hide from layout in the event I ever needed it back. - Finally, maybe this will explain the gap in understanding… it it is a symbol block of content, can that be found somewhere and dragged back onto the page if I did need back.

Thank you.

Which template are you referring to?


Hej :slightly_smiling:

If you don’t want the social icons just delete them. :slightly_smiling:
If they are a symbol it is indicated by a green overlay. Then, theres no danger to delete them from your page since you can find them in the symbols panel if you want to use them again.

If they’re not a symbol and you don’t want to delete them in case you want to use it in the future, you can just hide them via the display:none property (the dash-over-eye-icon on the far right) in the “Styles Panel”:

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