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Ability to hide content blocks


I have found that to hide sections not needed in a purchased template, I can click that section and click the eyeball icon under the paintbrush tab in the editor.

What if I wanted to find one of those sections to reveal again in future? How would I even know or see it to do that?

Also, please verify, if the eyeball is indeed checked, that section won’t publish when I upload the site to the web–it is that reliable, right?

Thank you.

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@Tine22 You would go under the tab where everything is listed and find the name of the section you hid and press it. You would then go to the editing tool and make it seen. It is very reliable. Hope this helps.

It will be published, however, it will be hidden from view, but can still be seen in the source code of the web page.

Also, it may be overridden by the responsive settings found here (which I suggest avoid using):

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