Infinite slideshow

Hi Guys,

i was wondering if there is a way to block the user from stopping an automated slideshow from playing.
So that i can have kind of a gif animation with SVGs.

At the moment the slideshow starts automatically but stops whenever the user presses / tocuhes on the section.
I would like it to continue and not stop.

Here is my public Link:

Maybe you guys know it better.

Hi George,

you have many questions :slight_smile:
Unforunately, no. Click.

However, you can custom built it. Honestly though, I wouldn’t. The user experience is better having the slider turning off.

P.S.: I can’t wait for the moment when you’ll figure out that it is almost impossible to scroll past the slider on mobile without activating the slide :grin: So do yourself a favor and disable the swipe gestures for mobile, like now :slight_smile:

Hi Karl-Heinrich,

thank you for your reply. I find it quite distracting too and will remove it or make it static. I was just curious how to build it without coding.

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