Infinite loop not working


I am trying to make an infinite marquee, I followed all the steps from a tutorial but it is not infinite, it stops, what am I doing wrong? Please help

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Hi @AASM21 :wave: Where you want to do an infinite marquee?
Try to check this video: How to Webflow: Infinite marquee - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube

Will follow that tutorial thank you so much. Sorry to bother you again but I can’t center the PLAYGROUND link on my nav bar. I’ve used flex box, 100% width but it still doesn’t work. Don’t want to use pading or margin because ideally I want it to stay in center always, is there a way to do this? Thanks!!

Just use Grid instead Flexbox:

And use align settings for Grid elements:

Thank you sooooo much have a great day!!!

Hi again!! Sorry to bother you once again. Im having issues aligning the nav bar for mobile. Followed the steps you tought me but it doesn’t work. Would you please help me? Thanks?

Step #1 For .Menu Button 5 set Padding 0: for all sides
Step #2 For .Nav Menu Button 2 set Margin 0: for all sides, Position: Relative
Step #3 For .Navbar Drop: Display: Flex, Justify: Space Between, Padding (Left-right: 5%)
Step $4 For .nav-brand 7 Margin-left, Padding-Left: 0