Help with interactive section


Please help. In section LATEST WORK there is an interaction of image reaveal on hover but it is not showing in the first and second rows, how can I fix it to work properly?


LINK Webflow - Copy of Serial Muse Design

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Hi @AASM21 If you mean to display an image on hover for each item? Here is one way how to.

Thanks so much!!! It worked perfectly. I wonder if you could PLEASE help me with other 2 issues:

  1. When I try to copy and paste the DIV for the infinite scrolling text from home to other pages, it doesn’t move - do you know why? Do I have to build it all over again?

  2. In the NAV BAR how can I make the “Template Shop” To stay in the center regardless of the screen size?

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi @AASM21 to your questions.

  1. I didn’t find an infinite scroll element on any other pages but Home. Your element animation is triggered on page load so when you copy an element to another page you have to also sign animation to make it work.

  2. I do not understand as I didn’t find what you are talking about but elements centring is mostly managed by Flex so you should understand how Flex works to be able to achieve your design.