Infinite marquee not looping smoothly

Hi all,

I’ve set up an infinite marque using this tutorial. It seems to work okay, but the images jump back to the start in an awkward way instead of an infinite loop. Any way to rectify this? (I’ve sped up the animation so it’s faster to see the problem)

Also, am trying to build the next section of the site under this, but because the div containing the images is set to absolute, I can’t place the section div underneath it without using a colossal amount of margin. Could someone help me with this as well please?

Read only link:


Dear Webflow Community,
I am having a similar topic reg. infinite marquee. There is a loop but not infinite. In the end of second marquee instead of smoothly goes to the first one again, it jumps to the first one. I used this video as tutorial How to Webflow: Infinite marquee - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube . Here is a link to my project About us(Uber uns) subpage (Treffen Sie den Rest des Teams’ section) - this is a part where you see photos of team. Can you help me here? Joanna