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Indexing Sitemap in Google Search Console

Hello Webflower

I have a problem regarding the idexation of a website:

The sitemap is generated automatically according to webflow settings and was submitted to the Google Search console on 1 April 2019 first time. Today I submitted it again but the following message appears: “sitemap could not be retrieved”. The sitemap is displayed correctly at

I have many different customer websites in place based on Webflow and the indexing within the Google Search Console works fine for all of them, but not here. Can someone help or had the same problem before?

Hi @PhilippX, thanks for your post and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I took a look and the site map looks fine:


There is a setting though in your robots.txt setting though that currently is set to disallow indexing on the entire site:


For some reason it looks like there was at one time a setting to add this robots.txt directive, but when looking at the robots.txt field it is blank.

I would next go to the robots.txt field in the SEO tab of proejct settings and add the following directive to override the previous:

User-agent: *

After changing the robots.txt field in Webflow, save changes and publish and then resubmit the sitemap to Google on the site.

I hope this helps

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Hi @cyberdave

Thank you for your support and the tip to overwrite the robots.txt setting. I finally had to overwrite it with XXXX, everything else didn’t work.

Afterwards the transfer of the sitemap to the Google Search Console worked fine.