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Incredible template leftside sidebar resize problem in (newest) Firefox on small notebook screen

I realize that not every template is going to be perfect across every browser. That being said; when I look at the page I just created on my 14" notebook screen, the sidebar has a problem resizing such that it fits the links to instagram, fb, etc, even when it is fullsized and I make sure that Firefox is not zoomed (reset, or at 100%). I have uploaded a screenshot of the example. This happens using the webflow hosted site, or locally. Figured I’d try both.

Thanks for any help you might have! : )


Please share your sites public link ( that way we can help you much faster and easier.

It’s not currently public, will the shared link do? : )


Sorry, I would prefer not to make it public since you cannot disable the ‘cloning’ feature (at least, not with my current subscription level).

Hey @ecarter

Did you figure out the issue if not can you update the read only link as it currently takes me to a 404 :smile:


Still looks the same as I posted in screen cap above, using newest FF version (I believe they are up to 42). I reconfirmed that I am at the default 100% zoom setting inside browser. Chrome of course looks a-ok.

link to published site:

link to editable read-only:

Thanks again, anyone!


Anyone? Bueller? It’s been a while. Should I repost this as a new problem? I really need to get this finished, if I can. Thanks!!

Hey @ecarter,

Sorry for the late reply here is a quick screencast:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Sorry for the extreme delay in responding here Ahmadz. Now, though, when resizing, the BKM text on the upper left and the hamburger menu button are both half chopped off, horizontally, such that the top half of each of those are hidden from view.