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Firefox hotspot and responsive design problems

Hi all, I’ve recently noticed that our website is a bit buggy. Hotspots are not working in Firefox and in general the design is breaking when flipping between responsive screen sizes…check it out and please help if you can…

NOTE: The hotspots on the sunscreen bottles don’t work in Firefox!

Hey, there! I’m pretty sure I understood what you were asking.
I made a video you can watch here:

Hopefully that’s the answer you needed. If not… please help me better understand. :grin:

Hey how are you?

Wow, thanks so much. You’re a webflow genius?

You pretty much solved it all. One thing I noticed is that when you open the website in firefox/chrome and drag the window size up and down the design breaks on the homepage and the hotspot for some reason just doesn’t register in Firefox :frowning:

Ahh I see… ok… Give me a min to figure this out! It’s not that it’s not registering… the position is getting thrown off.

Question do you plan on hosting this site with Webflow so you can take advantage of the CMS?

Hi, I have no control over the hosting as this site is owned my client. I have to work with their host which is a pain if they make any chages.

Gotcha… Can you try giving the “product-block” a bottom-margin of 100%. Hard because I can’t publish and save to then look at it on Firefox.

Clone Project:

Hey so I actually just rebuilt it for you and made the project cloneable. It works perfectly in Firefox as you can see in the video. Let me know when you have cloned it so I can remove it.

Hope this works for you! :grin:

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Hey thanks man and sorry to take so long to respond. I’ll take a look now :love_you_gesture:

Sure thing! :slight_smile:

Hey Noah

You are a genius! So if I was to clone this project would the font and social icon be the same as the current build?

Also, do you build websites in Webflow for a living? I ask this as I might be creating an e-commerce store soon and defo need someone to build it as my WF knowledge is very limited.


Thanks man! And I didn’t use any social icons. As you can see it is just a little white square. So you can just replace that and add your own social icon to whatever you wish. As for the font-family you can change it to whatever you’d like. Or just remove the font-style/option setting and it will adopt whatever settings you have for the body. Or just tell it what font you want. It won’t hurt anything. :wink:

And yes, this is what I do for a living. Feel free to reach me anytime to discuss your project!

Cheers my friend!

Perfect thanks.

I’m not sure how I clone this into the website to replace the sections on the homepage. When I close I can only access the new section you created. So I need to copy/paste in my build?

Sorry man, I have no idea how clone works.


No problem, I will make a video and show you. One sec.

@STUDIO_LDN Hey, James… This video will show you how to copy and paste the project into yours.