Incorporating Stripe payment functionality

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

  I am encountering issues with the place order functionality on the live site's products page; it works in edit mode. Could you please investigate the problem with the integration of Stripe and payments? I have followed all the instructions provided in the documentation.

Hi Bhavya,

Your message is difficult to read.
What are you trying to do… are you trying to setup Webflow ECommerce?

ECommerce is already setup. i am gatting trubble in to the checkout because the checkout button is not working propperly.

The Check Out functionality is not working…

I’d double-check your ECommerce setup, but if everything is setup correctly you might be experiencing some form of system issue, and you’d need to contact the support department.

I moved your post into the ECom category in case anyone else is encountering problems also.