Include only selected Google Fonts

Hi, it looks like Webflow includes all variations of an available Google Font (like Montserrat) when a site is published, even if the site only uses one variation (e.g. weight 400 - Normal). Variations of these available fonts can’t even be individually selected and excluded from font settings.

It results in multiple downloads of all font variations, which are not even used for the site, causing extra size and load time.

Here’s a sample site with just ‘Montserrat weight 400 - Normal’ font used at design-time:

Here’s its performance report, which shows all variations of Montserrat font being included (see under Waterfall > Fonts):

Is there a way to avoid this right now, until it’s fixed by the Webflow team.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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This is an ongoing issue. You may want to check out This Thread in the Bugs section.