Additional Webflow Font Weights Unavailable In Google Font Selection

Webflow preloads some Google Fonts into it’s Designer’s font selection, for example Montesserat. However, there are only a few font weights available in the preloaded section and it is impossible to add additional weights through the “Settings > Fonts” interface.

For example, I want to use Monteserrat Light. A font weight which isn’t available in the Designer’s preloaded font list. So I head on over to the Site Settings and Fonts tab to choose the additional Monteserrat weights. However, Monteserrat isn’t on the list.

I can of course head to and insert the code manually but the font should be available from Webflows usual Google Font loader interface.

Great catch, @danparker!

This was actually part of the way how Google fonts was integrated into Webflow at the beginning.
Could you, please add the suggestion to our Wishlist site so the team could work on improvements to this feature. I’ve pinged some of my teammates about this feature and integration in the mean time.

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