In Page Link Styling on "Current"

Hi :wave:, relatively new to Webflow, and brand new to the forum. I wondered if anyone had come across the same issue I am having. :thinking:

In the navigation, there is an “About Us” link, this is an in-page link “/#about-us”. Once published to staging, it correctly works - BUT when I scroll to the section or click the link in the nav, the nav link turns blue. I understand I need to edit the “current” state of that link, the problem is, as ID links don’t work in the editor or preview, I can’t actually get to that “current” state. I am properly stuck! :exploding_head:

I’d appreciate any advice as I’d rather not force it through custom CSS, want to keep it clean and ‘Webflowy’. :+1:

Here is my public share link: PUBLIC EDITOR LINK

Here is the staging link so you can actually view the problem: STAGING LINK

Screenshot of the misbehaving link below:

I believe your “about” button has the same class as the others buttons in your navbar . If that’s the case, just go to another page that turns the other button to “current” and you can style it . This is will after the current state of all elements with that class

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Your solution worked perfectly.



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