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Improvements to the Asset Manager

Even minor improvements in the asset manager (see would have been good news to hear…

Thanks for the feedback and yes, totally agree - we’re working on a really big update with asset manager - including a huge improvement to how we handle responsive images. More info to come! :slight_smile:


The point was not about the asset manager. It was about the contest announcement. I understand that you are trying to get the community involved and this is great. The problem is that when plenty of paying users are waiting for key features (for over two years, in some cases) the doodle on your office wall sends a very unpleasant message - namely, that your mind is not improving Webflow, but rather on playing the “startup coolness” game.

Just think of it, the time invested to come up with the idea, then posting it, then those $500, then reading and answering all posts how little $500 is… All this time and energy could have been invested into something else… Even making a tiny improvement such as this one: would have made better difference, IMHO…

Why not involve the community with some specific tasks on improving Webflow, e.g. organising a contest for UI improvements/ QA for a specific feature/ etc?

I have suggested myself an idea about involving the community with the improvement of the Help Center (

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