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Importing webhooks into the Webflow CMS

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for several days and I figure it’s about time to ask for help. My client has commissioned me to build them a custom job board in Webflow. They use third party software called Greenhouse which has a robust API and allows for sending data through a number of methods. They have an option to set up webhooks, which in theory should allow me to setup a destination url on the Webflow side of things to receive specific data when they make updates on the greenhouse end.

This is the part where I need help

I’ve figured out how to create webhooks in greenhouse but I can’t figure out how to ingest them into webflow. The setup process in greenhouse asks for an “endpoint url.” Does anyone know where I would get that? Is that something Webflow would create? Or do I need another third party integration like Zapier to act as the mediator between the two systems?

Also, once I have the webhook set up, how would I go about bringing the data it sends into the webflow CMS?

I’ve pored over the Webflow API documentation and I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

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Following. I feel like this process is going to be very important to understand.

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If greenhouse has a Zapier zap, you can try to import them in via Zapier. Here’s a help doc on doing that with google sheets:

Hmm…I don’t see anything in their documentation about a Zapier zap. Is there any other way to do it?

I’m guessing that’s a no…

I think I have found a solution here. Google Sheets CAN accept webhook data AND Webflow can accept data from Google Sheets via Zapier. I’ll give it a shot and let you guys know how it goes.

So, turns out it’s little more complicated than I thought. The webhook integration with Zapier worked beautifully! Unfortunately, the webhook didn’t contain all the data I had hoped it would. Turns out that I still need to find a way to build a bridge between the Greenhouse API and Google Sheets to extract the data tied to specific job posts. I don’t know how to work in JSON so I’m exploring other options at the moment.

Does anyone have experience in this area?

To tie this one off, I didn’t end up finding a solution that I could implement myself. I reached out to a developer friend who wrote a few scripts that pulled in the necessary data directly through the Greenhouse API into an HTML embed.

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@ryanjames Google recently announced Google App Maker, I think that you may have been able to build some low code solution using this and it may be something to keep an eye on for other use cases needing to call external data to a Google Sheet.


@ryanjames did you test this with the new API in Webflow?
I’m in the same situation you were in 2017 :slight_smile: