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Imported Products has an out-of-stock message on live-website


I’ve successfully imported all my products from my Shopify Store. When I launched the site, there is an ‘out of stock’ message showing on some of my products. I’ve checked my quantity and my product import files. l can’t figure out why it’s still showing up as out of stock. The products are not out of stock.


Here is my public share link:
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Hi @GraffitiMuse

This sounds like odd behaviour.

I assume you imported with a CSV file?
Can you point to a specific product you’re seeing the unexpected out of stock message on?

Answers to these questions will help me narrow down the source of the problem.

Thanks in advance.


It shows up under the Marvel Comics: Captain Marvel Men’s Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt Product.

I haven’t been able to re-create an out of stock state on my end.

Could you post or DM me a recording of the behaviour you’re seeing?