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Important Updates Should be communicated outside the forum

Why as a paying Webflow Pro User do I have to come to the forum to receive important information about product updates? I don’t want to have to login to the designer as I’m not always in there every day or even every week. Can’t information be emailed?



You also get updates via:

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Thanks for responding. Yes, those other channels are available but for the popup or list of updates I have to log in every day. Something I don’t do in Webflow.

This seems like a pretty important update as sites could potentially not work. I didn’t get an email. Beyond that I don’t want to have to search for information. This is an ongoing issue with communication, we could reference back to the “unsubscribe link” issue.

If Webflow is serious about becoming a major player in Web Design and hosting then it’s going to need a strong communication plan.

Second. The “upgrade” just broke a bunch of my interactions to boot.

Hi @GoldenRatio

I’m extremely sorry if the change has caused any difficulty for you.

Can you elaborate on the issues so I can understand if the update may need to be reverted?

We did our very best to test the update but we want to listen very carefully to any implications that may have come from the change and the corresponding affects on our users.

Thanks, Cody


It happens…just wish it didn’t happen to me :wink:

Here is the thread I opened…

Sorry, but I agree with this topic too.

I know I’m not a “big fish” when it comes to web design, but as a paying customer, a quick email wouldn’t go amiss to say “Hey, there’s some changes you might need to look at… click here”

I’m here most days and I always try to help out newcomers and give a bit back to the community where I can, and I missed this update notification too and as a result have some broken sites which I now need to spend time to learn how to resolve.

For the non-coders like me (I’ve copied and pasted code from Codepen), but want to have a go… I now have no clue on how to get things working again with the new upgrade other than sticking with the old JQuery. :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi @magicmark @jdesign and @GoldenRatio - apologies for the late notice on this change.

Because this was an update that affected a small number of our users, we decided a lightweight link to @codylindley’s forum post would provide the necessary heads up - but we could have been more proactive in getting that message out earlier. Again, sorry for any headaches this might have caused on your end.

Moving forward, we’ll send technical updates like these via email, further in advance.



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