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Feedback: jQuery update v3.5.1

Feedback or questions on this?

Please comment below :point_down:

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Hi @forresto,

Thanks for the update. Back to 100 points in Best Practices soon.

As long as we don’t use regex in Jquery scripts, we should be fine, right ?

@ColibriMedia it’s a more-specific pattern of use than that.

I made a code sandbox to be able to test jQuery code between the two versions:

:point_up: anybody can use that as a starting place to test custom code that you might be worried about. You can see the different jQuery versions pulled in at the end of the two html files.

With 3.4.1

$("<div/><div/>") becomes <div></div><div></div> (fragment with two divs):

With 3.5.1

$("<div/><div/>") becomes <div><div></div></div> (nested):