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Mute un mute button for background video?

Hi all. Anybody have any experience getting a mute and un mute buttons to trigger the sound on a video baground?

IIRC Webflow post-processes background video uploads, reducing the quality and stripping away the audio to reduce filesize.

So even if you had custom code to toggle the audio, there won’t be any audio.


Found it. There you go:

Sound in background video?

Additional proof:

Getting rid of a blurry Video Background

Hi samliew thanks for getting back to me.

I thought that may be the case looking at it.
I think my other option may be to creat a 100vh slider at the to and ad the video into this.

What do you think. I can adding the video url via cms and the custom widget.

This is a bunch of crap, i have subscribed and ive been working for two freaking days to get ONE button to mute unmute my embed video, and i couldnt, better go back to squarespace, and please dont say NO CODE NEEDED. or you can INSERT your own code, and it dont work at the end of the day. what a waste of time.

P.S. I Have opened a case 4months ago and nobody answered me.