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Audio Mute Button for a Background Video

So I recently made a site in Webflow for music channel Selected. I used a Video for my static page as a background, and now wanted to know if its possible to add a button to mute/unmute the audio of the video if certain users wanted to do so (kind of essential I suppose).

I used the following code to embed my video as a background:


Any suggestions?

Website Url:

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<video controls muted>
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Do I just paste that into the Embed video code? Because I tried that in the web flow builder and nothing happened. Id preferably like to have a button in like the button right corner of maybe like a speaker of which you click on to turn on and off the volume…

you change change your code this this to show the video controls:

    <video autoplay controls loop style="width:100%; height: auto; position:absolute; z-index: -1;"> 
<source src="" type="video/mp4"/>
<source src="" type="application/ogg" />
<img src="">

But, its the same code? I dont get it. What did you change in the bottom code that would enable a Mute/Unmute button like the OP requested?

I need to know how this constitutes as an answer to his question

I added the “controls” attribute to the video tag :smiley:

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Touche. I am an oblivious man. Thank you so much!


what am I missing here?

I am trying to mute/unmute on click.

using this javascript example