Implementing Global Canonical Tag URL vs Custom code on each site

Hi there,
I am building a blog post section on a company website. Recently, I have implemented pagination at the bottom of each blog post (My blog post template is a CMS collection page). This shows the three most recent blog posts (in the pagination style).
The purpose is to give the reader suggestions of other blog posts that could be interesting to read.

Now, ahrefs and Google Search Console show me that I have duplicated content on my website.
(Error: Duplicate pages without canonical/ Duplicate without user-selected canonical)
I researched a little bit but there are different opinions out there.

Some say it doesnt matter, just leave it. Others say implement the global canonical tag in the website settings, and others recommend using custom code for each individual page.

Now, I am kind of confused haha.

I would love if someone could tell me what the correct why of handling is.
Thanks for your help in advance.

I use it. Seems to have helped with duplicate content.
Also, using the new(-ish) “Domain Property” configuration in google search console gives me the clearest reports.
Not sure about the custom code method, and its benefits.

Hi @Port_of_Folio thanks for your quick response. Just for clarification, you are using the global canonical tag? Could you also elaborate on the Domain Property configuration. I do have my main website in GSC already set up as property.

I do because my root domain redirects to the “https://www” address of my site. This redirect was causing my site to not be indexed. Once I added the canonical tag ( indexing worked as expected. I also created a new property in GSC using the “Domain Property” method. Probably overkill because the Domain Property method does the same/similar thing by consolidating the four versions of a page (http, https, www, non-www) so that each isn’t seen as an individual page. I believe google chooses the version to use.

“Domain Property” requires a .txt verification at the domain host.
In GSC you’d just go to “add new property” and select the new method like in the screen grab below. The property will show the “Domain Property” label like the next screen grab shows.

I also kept my old GSC property for the https://www… address and I check between the two. The Domain Property version is more accurate but the reports are almost identical.

Also, assuming you have “Auto-generate Sitemap” on in Webflow settings, and connected to your GSC property.

Thanks @Port_of_Folio for your answer I will try it!