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Images update & upload bug?

Is it me only but when I try to update image that is set as background (of a div for example) it doesn’t upload & doesn’t update until I change image’s name and reupload it again!? It looks like Designer caches images and doesn’t replace them when I upload new one with same name?!

Also sometimes if I upload an image for a background, then delete it (because I don’t like it and/or I don’t need it anymore), and after some time (1 day for example) I decide to upload image with same name but different picture, it shows the old one image I’ve been uploaded before (in the designer & in the live site also). Again seems like cache problem…

What happens? It takes much more time to correct one simple image because of this bug?

I haven’t got this problem before?

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you’re not alone. I’m getting this bug too.

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I am having all kinds of issues uploading images as well. When I upload images the old way, clicking the image and browsing for the file, It says processing forever and I have to restart chrome. Also, the new drag and drop functionality is useless, it causes chrome to crash and I have to restart the application. I think you guys should just turn off this new drag and drop image thing because it seems to be making uploading images in any way impossible!!!

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there’s definitely something weird with image uploading; it seems to work inconsistently, but I can’t figure out exactly when it does work or doesn’t. Sometimes after I attempt uploading and it fails, I have to log out and back in again, and that shows the uploaded file. Or if it doesn’t, at least then I have another opportunity to upload, and then it shows.

Experienced this as well. Haven’t looked into it in detail but reloading the editor will make it work again. Happens after uploading and then updating the image.

Yup, I’ve been seeing this too lately. Just within the last week or so I believe…

Hi guys, we’re aware of this issue and working on a fix right away. Thanks for your patience.

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Here this bug still happens with frequency.
After a while the image seems to work, but after uploading not