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Issues with uploading images

I’ve got some issues when uploading images. This have happened for me few times since the new Asset Manager came alive. The problems is that no image gets uploaded. I have to log out and log back in to get the image up in the asset manager.

Looks like this when it fails:

This has happened to me to. I think it happened when i tryed to replace an image that had the same file name as the image i was trying to upload.

Yep, same, images takes time to load, some don’t load. Cmd+R needed, sometimes twice.

Some fixes went live a couple hours ago that should address these issues. Can you hard-refresh and try again. Let me know if the problems persist :penguin:


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I have been unable to upload images since yesterday. I’ve tried logging out, hard refreshing, even other browsers without success :open_mouth:

I’m facing the same issue @MrTotbl. Any solutions?