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Lightbox on mobile: layout brake when orientation changed


I found similar (or at least is sounds like) problem within other threads but with no solution.

I work on this website: I think there is a bug on mobile in lightbox (iPhone 6s iOS 10, Safari, Chrome, FireFox).

Scenario to reproduce:

  1. load the page on mobile
  2. open any picture in ligtbox (there are four pictures app in the middle of the homepage). Should look like this:
  3. change orientation (you can also close lightbox, change orientation and open it again)
  4. you should see something like this:
  5. reload page in new orientation and open ligtbox - it is fixed. Until you change orinetation again

It doesn’t matter whether you start in portrait or landscape.

So I think there is a bug in recalculating lightbox image position when orientation changed. I wasn’t able to reproduce this on desktop by resizing browser’s window. Or am I wrong?

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