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Images only display on Mobile

I published two weeks ago and all of the images showed on the live website as expected. Having returned from holiday I checked the site and the images no longer show on my laptop but do show on my phone?

Share link:-

Did you export the site? The content is loading without https, which should not happen if it was hosted with Webflow.

Please also ensure “Publish images using SSL CDN” option is selected:

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Thanks @samliew, That’s seems to have sorted it.

May I just ask one question @samliew, do you know why it did display the images correctly when first launched? I like to understand my mistakes as much as possible!

  • HTTPS for your site wasn’t enabled

  • You switched on HTTPS halfway without republishing

  • Site still uses/points to HTTP images

  • Chrome (probably others too) blocks insecure content from being loaded on secure (HTTPS) websites.

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Thanks @samliew - have a great rest of the day!

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