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Images Disappearing in Chrome

Not sure if this is a bug, something to do with my animations, or something to do with Chrome, but two images on my site keep disappearing. Their class is “new work__img 2” and they each have a combo-class specific to them. It’s the second two on the page. Sometimes I can see they’ve disappeared in the Designer, other times I can only see it on the published site. It occurs whenever I close the tab the site is in and then reopen it. Upon reopening, the images have disappeared. I believe it only happens in Chrome. The thing that fixes it is changing the top margin to 0 on one of the images, publishing, refreshing the site, then adding the padding back, publishing, and then refreshing the site again. Then, once you close the site’s tab and reopen it, the image has disappeared again and you have to do the margin sequence over. Any ideas on this? I’ve tried many things and am at a loss. Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Portfolio

Here is the staging URL:

Here is the live URL:

I tried to replicate the issue but I don’t see the issue in Chrome. Have you tried refreshing your browser history or maybe trying in Chrome on a different computer?

Thanks for your reply, @britishchap! I’m glad to hear you don’t see the issue — maybe that means it isn’t live to the general public.

I tried clearing my browser’s cache, which did not help. I also tried it in Chrome on a different computer, and even after clearing that browser’s cache, it too did not work.

If you posted step by step instructions for how to replicate the issue it may be helpful?

For example;

  1. Open in Chrome
  2. Paste in site URL : - (make sure at least two tabs are open)
  3. Close tab.
  4. Reopen tab - etc - you get the idea.

@britishchap, thanks. I will try, although for me it’s just sort of happening when I load the site (like on the second computer I wasn’t using to build the site, for example).

  1. Open the site in the Webflow Designer
  2. Under the Publish dropdown, click on the link to open the site in a new tab (shouldn’t matter whether it’s the main domain or the staging domain)
  3. Close the site tab you just opened
  4. Open it again in the same way

I’m guess if you haven’t seen the issue by now, you won’t see it after doing these steps. But once the images disappear from view, I then have to go and do what I described with the margins to bring them back momentarily. They disappear again after I close the tab, however.

Not sure if this will help, but another detail is that the image links are not broken. The images are actually there, as I can see them in Chrome’s Inspector, they’re just hidden somehow (almost like they have no height or something). And when, via the Inspector, I cancel out the top margin style and then reactivate it again, the image is visible. Until, of course, I close out that tab and try to open it again.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Members of the community cannot open the site by clicking the publish dropdown as this is not available in the read only version of the project so I’m not able to replicate exactly as you describe.

It sounds like it could be an issue that happens only when using the Webflow designer at the same time as opening and closing tabs in the same browser where the project is still open.

I am thinking end users would not experience the same issues however I would double check it on a couple of different computers, if possible, by opening the sites directly (i.e. don’t use the link from the designer and don’t have the designer open on the same computer at the same time you are testing the link). Hope that helps.

@britishchap, can’t thank you enough for your time and feedback.

Yes, like I described earlier, I have opened it on another computer I was not using to build to the site, and in which I did not have Webflow open. But the problem persists, so I don’t think it has to do with opening the site from the Publish dropdown or having the Designer open.

It’s also weird that it’s happening to only the images in the second and third sets of images when the first set of images has all the same classes and whatnot.

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Hopefully a few more members of this forum will test to help confirm.

Same with one of my sites. Not only pictures are disappearing. And its on every browser and device i could test.

Not Webflow:




@Matzinger — It doesn’t look like you’re having the same problem as me. My issue happens whether I’m logged into Webflow or not, whether I have Webflow open or not.

I think I fixed this problem!

All my images were set by Webflow default to load lazy. Probably, something about the way this image was being cut off upon overflowing its container made it so that the browser could not detect the image while I was scrolling. I’ve change them all to load auto and it works now in all places!

Still doesn’t fully explain why it worked for @britishchap on his device and not me. But I’m not complaining!

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