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Images changing size randomly

I’ve never ran into this before, but I have a div with 3 png images that I have set to be centered within a horizontal flex. The orientation of the outer 2 images are more vertical and the middle one is horizontal. I have div wrapper and all 3 images inside of it set to contain, and all 3 images with their overflow set to auto. I had it all set how it should be but as I edit other parts of the website, randomly the 2 outer images will just drastically change in size and become large then the center one throwing everything off, then randomly it will go back to the way it should be. It looks correct when I preview it, but how can I get the designer to stop doing this? It seems to do it mostly when I click into the setting panel away from the canvas, then revert to normal when I click into the canvas again. Any ideas?

What it should look like:

What it keeps changing to randomly on and off:

Edit: I have also discovered that if I publish the website while the image glitch is happening, it publishes that way.

Read Only Link (Looks correct here): Webflow - Hopstrasse

Live Preview (Looks wrong here:)

Video of it happening: Webflow Bug? - YouTube

Can you share your read-only link?

I just added the links to the post, it was able to minimize it somewhat but it’s still wrong on the live version which I also posted. It always changes the images sizes 100% of the time when I go to publish. Not sure how to fix.

It could be a few things:

  • When using percentage sizing, it’s good to use non-relative sizing like pixels in addition because it’s easier to control. I would add a max height in pixels to the beer bottles.
  • It could also be your overflow settings on the beer bottles. Reset your overflow so it’s not on auto. All Auto does is tell the browser to make the images scrollable if they get too big. You don’t want that.

OK I’ll give that a shot and let you know how it goes. Thx