Image size glitching by itself in the editor, without touching any controls

Hello lovely people, I have run into this issue today and it has been driving me crazy. Images all over my website are changing their size attributes by themselves in the editor at random intervals, and I am not even touching the controls. On the published site they show up static, but because it is constantly glitching in the editor, I have no idea what I am publishing. I have been struggling all day to get them fixed but because they are just glitching left and right I came to a point where I have absolutely no idea how I am supposed to use the image fitting controls.

I have put a video here, you can clearly see at the 45 second mark how it glitches by itself: webflow image size glitching - YouTube

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Hi @OneCreative ,

It might be worth trying in an incognito window/new Chrome profile to see if you still see these issues. There can be issues caused by browser extensions (I can see you have some, wondering if those could be causing this glitching).

Hey I have the same problem, but can’t find the answers, I launch my site today and the images have just started glitching : (

As far as I know this bug still exists and webflow doesn’t seem to care, the only fix I found is steering away from auto sizes as much as possible and try to have your image width / height declared either as pixels or as a percentage / vw / vh. Another thing I found useful is ditching the basic image element altogether and instead using a standard div as a workaround to whitch I apply the image as a background, with the sizing set to ‘cover’ and position ‘center’. Hope this helps.

I’m having this exact problem, found any solutions yet?