Broken images on published site

Hey guys,

I published the site for our festival some time ago and everything was fine. Then it somehow threw out our credit card, meaning I had to reset-up all the billing, hosting, and publish again. Now my published site shows broken images and I have no idea how to fix it, since it looks fine on webflow!

Would be greatful for help since it’s the worst ever timing for this to happen! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Here is my site Read-Only:

And thats how it looks published:

Try to unpublish then publish the site again.

Try to select each image in the designer, swap it for another, and back to the desired image, then republish.

Here’s the error:

Umm, double check if you have in the project settings > Hosting > Publish images using SSL CDN - That was my issue a while ago. Hopefully that fixes it.

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Great point, @Throatscratch!

Yes, @Haenki, I would also suggest publishing your images using SSL as you are publishing the site with SSL:

This will prevent the mixed content error.

Hopefully, this was helpful. Feel free to let me know if this is helpful, or if you have any additional questions.

I’m happy to help further!


The SSL thing solved my problem after I have tried unpublishing/republishing, and changing the images. thanks a lot!


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