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Images are not properly sizing and resizing

Hello Webflow family,

For the past few days my images have not been properly sizing and resizing. The image is not as large/small as the PX display says it is.

2 key questions:

  1. why are my images not property sized?
  2. how can I get my images to look the exact way I’ve described in the section below entitled “This is how I want my image to look”? (note the image is large and off the screen just a bit).

Today, I switched the image from a traditional column to a flexbox column. I don’t think that’s root cause, but there may be a different solution given this technical nuance, so I figured I’d mention it.

This is how I want my image to look.
The image of the 2 phones in the JOIN THE CONVERSATION AT ANYTIME section is large and readable. It is purposely ‘off the screen’ just a tad (I made the max width and height 2,500%). The image is in a traditional column (not a flexbox), next to 4 lines of text. Note the size of the image at 650W and 1005H at HiDPI.

This is not how I want my image to look
Although the W and H are nearly double that of the previous image, these phones are much smaller. I have the exact same settings for the max W and H. This image, however, is in a flexbox column. Note the size of the image ate 1284W and auto H.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi @hassanriggs

Thanks so much for posting.

When you use flexbox the flex child settings default to shrink if needed. You can edit this setting to Don't shrink in the flex child settings.

The size is also determined by the width you have set in the image settings, the width in the style tab and the max width in the style tab.

Hope this helps!

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