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Image sizing in Flex box

Sizing Issue with images in flex box. All images resized to 4000 X 3000 in Pixlr. Each class has a secondary class and the images are set to 50%. Images are off only by a little but still enough to make my page look unprofessional. Left this message once before but we got talking about styling my site and never returned to this issue. Is this a common problem?
Also, the size on my screen is not what I get when I look at preview mode or when I pull up my site after publishing.

My view only site is:

Just getting started, I know my style isn’t what most are using, not worried about that now just need to fix the image issue

thanks in advance for your help

Hi there,

It looks like the images themselves had different widths set in the image settings. These are the first two images in the second section:

05 AM50 AM

After setting them both to the same width they should appear the same size as expected:

Hope this helps!

Oh my goodness, talk about “not seeing the forest for the trees” I did everything else but check that. Thanks for catching it

Well that worked for the two you showed but not for these two. Again I check everything as far as settings and the images and these two. Not sure how you were able to grab those images. The images are the ones just below these 2 in your post at this site. Again , appreciate the help!!!

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