Images are different in Designer and Published since the update

Hi I added a image in designer but when published the image is scaled down and of terrible quality in desktop. Please help.

Here is my Design site Read-Only: Webflow - Kean Onn See Art Studio and here is my staging

The image in Design is This

The image in publish this This this image is generated by Webflow and it never happened before.

Please help this is very frustrating

Hello @BentoKO so this happens because Webflow uploads different size and resolution images in different breakpoints to make sure the page loads as fast as possible. However, You can disable this feature so you don’t loose the quality of your original image. Select the image in question, go to settings for the image, and then type Command + Shift + O (on Mac) or Control + Shift + O (on Windows) and a new checkbox should appear in the settings panel
Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 5.14.08 PM
uncheck the box for Responsive Image and publish your site again. I hope this helps!

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Hallelujah THANK YOU!! Thank you so much. It never use to need to do that.

Much appreciate your time to reply and resolve my issues…

It helped plenty!

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Im glad I was able to help you @BentoKO. Good luck with your website!