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Why Publish website is look completely different with Preview mode?

I Build website look really good, preview is ok.

But when I publish, I dont know what to say!

Can you guys please show me when Im wrong?

Really thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Publish link:

This is simply due to the change in your browser width as you didn’t design responsively. If you are new to Webflow I strongly suggest doing a ton of the courses on the Webflow university.

Really? That Image is just scale down, althought I set it width max 100%.

Broswer is 1440px and preview is 1440px too. Why is that different?

it’s the same for me on your preview vs your Webflow live link. I’m not seeing what you are

I have just fixed it. I dont use Square Image anymore , I use BG image for Square div. So that work.

Yeah, that’ll do it!

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