Image Quality - in Designer HQ but on website Low Quality

Hi There,
When I look in the designer the image is HQ same as when opening the image from desktop.
But when I lunch the website (in Browser) the Quality of the image decreases significantly.
Why is that?
How can I solve it?

Hey Mika! The most likely reason for the decrease in image quality is that the image is being compressed by the browser when it is loaded on the website. To solve this issue, it is important to optimize the image for the web, use a higher resolution image, use a different file format, and use a content delivery network (CDN). or more of these
refresh your webflow editor , and then publish the website.
try it may be it ll work.

Hi Ankit, Got it tnx!
I changed the resolution when exporting screens from Figma, and changed the Format to PNG.
The quality now is high also when viewing live - Thanks :slight_smile: