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Site Export problem - image name getting re-used

My site looks fine in webflow, but after export, some of the images get re-used, and others are missing from the images resources. Is this a known issue? I see similar posts to this, but they each seem to be resolved - magically. This screenshot from the export window illustrates the problem. I see the Images listed, BUT, the same filename is shown for 3 of them (people14.png). This results in only the “last” image of the same name being exported. And the html that references the images all end up referencing the same image - rather than what was shown pre-export in WebFlow.

I resolved the issue by removing an image and adding the correct image again. I believe the problem originates when you “copy” an image over and over to save time in the design view. AND, then you “replace” an image with a new image. The image name is not getting updated. It works okay on webflow design and preview modes, and the published site, but the EXPORT will not export the new “replaced” images. This seems to be an issue or bug.

@mganley2000 when working inside Webflow, you can actually have multiple images with the same exact filename. Like so:


The reason is because each file you upload gets a unique id. This is what it will look like in export:

But when you export, you can’t have two of the same exact filenames because one will overwrite the other (because we we remove the unique id upon export to keep the filenames clean). If you do have two of the same filename, the most recent uploaded version will replace all the others (or the last one in the Images panel in Export).


We will be moving to an “asset manager” in the coming months where you will replace all of the images if you upload an image with the same filename.

Does that help?

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Yes, your explanation makes sense, and validates my findings. I just need to be sure that I remove copied image placeholders, and then upload the new images. This insures that the export will succeed, and I won’t get duped image references accidentally.

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