Image Slider in Blog Posts

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I’ve been trying to create an image slider for blog posts - for example, a blog post called ‘5 best books of the year’, would have a slider with each book cover (and ideally a text description under each slide), while a ‘10 best skincare products’ would have its own slider with a set of different images.

I can imagine this also being needed for real estate listings - i.e. a slider with photos of the house for each different CMS entry.

This sounds like it should be easy… I’ve searched around and haven’t come across the best solution!

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You won’t be able to do it easily within your blog post article content, i.e. within the Rich Text body- but you should be able to do it relatively easily on the blog post page, e.g. above or below that content.

You’d simply have a collection of items that link to that blog post, and a collectionlist to pull that related content.

Then use something like Finsweet’s CMS slider tools / tutorials to present that related content in a carousel format.

Hey @beanbean ! Thanks for sharing!

You can do this using CMS Slider and CMS Attribute.

See the example here: CMS Slider + CMS Attribute
You can clone the project to understand how it works here: Attributes Combos - Webflow

Let me know if you need any help :wink:

Eve Kayser