Image replacement is blocked, can't replace template images


I purchased a template, and yesterday I could replace images, but today, none of the images are replaceable and shows a blocked sign, although I have a CMS siteplan and a freelancer workspace. It is very frustrating as I have to show a client a draft version today. Also, the custom domain publishing tool is restricted, although I have a CMS site plan that should allow customer domain functionality

Please advise.

Thank you
Best regards

Hi Nina, this is the Webflow community forum so no one here has the ability to resolve systems issues or bugs. You’d need to contact Webflow’s support for that.

What you’re describing though is something I’ve never seen, can you share a readonly designer link and indicate where you’re seeing the blocked sign? Or a video.

Thank you Michael for your answer, I managed to replace the images now, but having a problem publishing with a custom domain. I will get in touch with the support team. Thanks again