How can I replace images in Webflow Template into different ones? It replaces all images with the same image

Good day to everyone

Maybe, someone can help me with such a problem. I bought a Webflow Template and can’t replace images and image descriptions there in a standard way. When I press the button Choose Image - it replaces all the images into one (in a Slider Items, Featured Works sections). I can’t replace it with different images. In the Navigator there is only one Feature Project Slider Item - not different images for replacement that I could choose.
The same story with descriptions.

Don’t know how to replace it into various images and various text descriptions under them. Would be soooo grateful if someone knows the solution!!!:white_heart:

Thank you!:blue_heart:

The template you’ve chosen is a CMS-driven website. You’ll need to change these out in the database rather than in-page.

Thank you sooo much!! :blush:
You’ve helped me a lot! :dizzy: