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Image CMS compression?

Hello, Webflow community and @webflow!

Does .png and .jpg images compressed when they’ve uploaded on your CDN (dark2… etc)?

If I use one big picture (1500x1500 px for example), but I need it in 2 versions (thumbnail 100x100 px and full image 1500 x 1500 px):
– should I cut it by myself and upload 2 different versions of that picture?
– should I compress it by other services before uploading them, or Webflow compresses pictures by itself?

Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out, and excellent question!

Webflow generates responsive image variants automatically.

If your picture is bigger than 3200px wide, Webflow will generate
seven variants: 3200px, 2600px, 2000px, 1600px, 1080px, 800px, and

If you need pictures smaller than 500px to be generated, I would
recommend scaling it yourself and uploading.

You can learn more about the details here:

Can we expect image compression like TinyPNG embedded into Webflow anytime soon? For clients to maintain a website it’s already hard to deliver good images, let alone compressed/resized ones.