Image keeps shrinking


I’ve just started the Portfolio 21-Day Course and have encountered an issue. Upon adding the hero image to the Section element the image initially stretches to 100% max width. But after a few seconds, the image shrinks to thumbnail size. If I re-enter 100% in max width it momentarily fixes the issue before shrinking again. I have tried this in both Chrome and Firefox.

Any help would be appreciated


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Hello Jon, you need to set the image inside a Div block, for the next time try to use the share-link to the project :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same, even with the div block.

I think it’s something to do with the image provided in the assets from the course.

It sounds like it could be the same issue I’ve been having, check out this thread:

I can confirm the same thing is happening to me today.
It sounds like it’s an internal bug that is being figured out?

I’m also following the course and experiencing the same issue in Feb 2023.