Images appearing very very small

Hey guys,
My images appear normal on web flow but on the browser they become very small. I am not sure how to fix this. Please help!
Project link: Webflow - Myportfolio

Hi @Tanishka_Sharma
Did you correct the issue?

I tested your live (.com) and webflow preview site (with Safari and Opera) and the images are rendering correctly?


(Both images from your live .com site)

So I have not made any changes. Webflow does this randomly where it makes my images quite small sometimes and those changes are also reflected on my actual website.

Before they would look small on webflow sometimes but never vice versa

Hmm…so that is very strange!

Looking at your images in the Grid there is no discernable difference between the 1st six images that are rendering small and the other images??

If there were an issue with any of the images or Grid, I would expect all images to be affected?

Does it happen if there are any bandwidth issues when loading the page? I noticed that the images are set to ‘Lazy Load on Scroll’ and whether that might have a bearing on those images loading a thumbnail image until you scroll??

Sorry, I can’t offer a more solid solution or reason for why it’s happening.


thank you, yeah its happening again! Maybe this is an error with Webflow.