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Image Gallery creates unwated white space when in smaller view

Hi All,

Just struggling with an image gallery (click on gallery in nav). When it shrinks to Ipad size, there is all of sudden some unwanted white space that appears under certain images. I just want the images next to and ontop of each other with a 4px border around each of them (evenly)


Any ideas will be appreciated!

Your images are square and you coumns are not, so at a moment there is an obligatory white space involved. Make your columns as high as they’re wide and you’ll get your square grid.

Sorry Vincent, I should have said that it is in the gallery page, you can get there by clicking gallery on the nav at top.

Hi I don’t see any white margin in any of the breakpoints of the gallery page.

They don’t show up in the webflow preview, only once published.

I have just solved the problem. For some reason I had a lightbox link within a light box link!

Thanks for you help,


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