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Issues with nav and white space

Hello all,

I seem to be having couple of issues with my website which I cant seem to resolve;

Here is my website;

  1. When the website is viewed on other devices other then desktop, the logo dispears and comes part of the nav menu, when you click on the burger nav the logo appears there rather then next to it.

  2. When viewing my website on moible device, I get a massive white space between Camera section and the testimonials section, it doesnt show in webflow preview tho but does when viewing it via url.

Hope someone can help before I have no hair left :slight_smile:

Best regards,

@cyberdave @PixelGeek @anyone :slight_smile:

With the logo, you have it positioned within the nav menu container. This will translate down to the mobile view.
If you want to achieve the centered logo, I would suggest having two separate nav bars. One for desktop and one for mobile. When in desktop, set your mobile version to “no view” and when in mobile, set the desktop navbar to “no view”. More work, but this way you’ll have total control over the two nav schemes.

Not sure I’m understanding your other issue with the white space. Not seeing it, even when viewing the live site.

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Hi @Matty, thanks for the good questions. First, lets take a look at the menu, I think @Port_of_Folio has the solution, take a peek at my quick video:

Regarding the white space between the Camera and Testimonial sections, I too was unable to detect any strange spacing, could you let us know what mobile device you are using?

See my attached screenshot:


Thanks for the video, worked a treat. Although when I add float left my centre logo doesn’t centre?

Also regarding the large white space, I’m using samsung galaxy S5 with chrome, when I view it in firefox I don’t get any issues.

Hi @Matty, sorry, did you mean to say that you would like the logo centered on tablet view and lower? I am checking on the samsung phone about the section whitespace.

Yes that’s correct Dave


Hello Dave, did you manage to take a look at this?


Hi @Matty, thanks for hanging in there, take a peek at this video, does this help to achieve the goal?

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