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Cant get photos to fill the entire row width for a gallery

I can’t get the imported photos to fill the entire width of a column. I have a 4 column width that I’m trying to turn into a gallery for my site but it’s leaving a small amount of white space on each side of the images. How do I make it fill the entire space so images run edge to edge?

Here is the URL for my site.



Not sure if I m 100% correct, but I think you just have to delete the 10px margin of the “column”-class.

Just click inside a blank column, head over to your panel on the right side and delete the 10px padding left and right.
Then there should be no white space anymore.

Be aware that this will apply to all columns on your site.
In order to avoid that, just give each image gallery column a class name e.g. “gallery-column” and remove the padding.

Hope that will help.



Yeah that was it. That was kind of dumb. Thanks for the help.