Unwanted 'padding' between photo gallery lightbox grid

hi I am experiencing this “bug” in some screen width, and I don’t get why. A thin space even if there is no padding and everything seems fine.

please take a look !!

the password to visualise the online page is 3360

Thank you in advanced,

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[2]: Webflow - Okev | Digital Marketing Agency)

hi @Stefano_Fresch it seems that issue only happens in Safari. The way I have been able to solve it is to increase init image size to 1.01. Only I have done was to set initial image state (size) and set this value on mouse out

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you are a genius. Thank you very much for your solution. It works. I have a very diffucult client and for me it is so important to debug these kind of stuff ! Thank you again :slight_smile:

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