Image / Figure in Rich Text not behaving on mobile

I have a rich text element on my blog posts page. Images in this element, on mobile, are too big and go off the screen.

I have styled a rich text element on my style guide page. The images work fine in this element. They are using the same class (Rich Text). I can’t figure out why this is happening. Any help is appreciated.

Hey @Jason_Dupree1, this is a little hard to test out because I can’t edit your cms, try going to your cms rich text element and modify the link under the image, make it shorter, like you can have something like click here or visit here, and then have the url that you want for that link. What happens currently is that the long url you have under your image is giving room for the image to grow. I hope this helps.

This was the solution (I did go with text wrapping instead on the caption)