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Rich text link messes up formatting - pulling from CMS collection


I can’t seem to figure out why my links are overlapping with regular text in the rich text blocks. It was all fine earlier. I tried the suggestions of changing the display to inline block but it didn’t work. Likely because the text, links, and picture are being pulled from a CMS collection item (rich text field). The link is hyperlinked directly in the CMS collection - no editing is done aside from font in the page itself. Any help is much appreciated!

In the screenshot above, you can see that the links (in a maroon/red color) are overlapping with the rest of the text in the paragraph.

What you’ll need to do is duplicate that Rich Text Box, with the same class, but disconnect it from the CMS property. Make sure it has that same class, in this case ‘Rich Text Block 4’, then create some text in it and create a link and you will see the same issue recreated. After typing, click on the link, so it is selected as an element in the Designer, and over in the Styles panel, select ‘+ When inside Rich Text Box 4’, and you can then make styling edits to the actual links instead of the parent Rich Text Box.

See ‘Styling content’ on Webflow University

Also note that it is best practice to use the same class names for all your Rich Text Boxes unless they specifically need different styling settings.

Thanks, that worked!

Also, do you know how I can have the link open up in a new window? I tried to change the setting in the way you suggested. It worked for links directly included on the page, but not the ones pulled in from CMS.