Image doesn't look in a good quality

I don’t understand why the picture updated is not looking in good quality after is published. When I upload it, I can see it in a good quality, but then, when I check the URL, the picture doesn’t look good (even though the quality is 2,12MB). It looks the same quality has a low quality one that I tried before (300Kb).

URL: Georgina Monge: “No podem veure les cures només des del jo i el meu col·lectiu, i perdre de vista cap a on anem. Si ens organitzem col·lectivament és per anar més enllà de nosaltres.” | L'Eixida | Autogestió Cooperativa

Does anyone knows what?

I have found that webflow seems to improperly cache assets. I may be wrong about this, but i have run into this many times. My fix is simply to remove the asset from my collection and assets, change the file name on my computer, and re-upload it.

I am not sure what the technicals are here, other than possibly a server caching issue. If a file is deleted, it cannot still be used, nor can it be linked to from any other source, but if a newly uploaded file appears with the same name, it will likely serve the contents of the original cached file — or so it seems.

Try that?

Hey! Thanks! I already did it, but because the picture I use in the collections is not stored in the assets folder, I have to uploaded directly to my cms collection. Nothing changes even though the name changed…


Webflow does not optimize images uploaded into rich text elements. Your image has massive dimensions of 5,184px width x 3,456px height. So unless you are on a high resolution display the image is being scaled down in the browser. This can lead to poor visual performance. I recommend images no larger that 2x the widest width of the containing element. In your case that is (1090px x 2).

You really want to target the largest audience, not everyone is using 4k + monitors. I work on two 4K’s and a 5K all day. Something I have to remember when building interfaces and sizing images. If webflow had responsive image sizing in collection item RTF’s we would not need to bother.

Thanks for your response! I already did it and I tried with lower resolution but it didn’t work neither, BUT now, I renamed the file and uploaded again, and suddently it worked… Not sure what happened…

Thanks to both!